classifieds are showing backdated results, not recents ones



  • QL Team

    The beta site does not have all the recent content, so old posts will show up. But we will of course move in all the recent content before launch!

    When clicking on "Classified" in the menu (and before selecting any sub category) all the latest ads will show up from all categories. The reason why accommodation ads showed up for you might be because there were not any recent ads from other categories.

    Do you have any ideas of how we can make this default behavior better?

  • t_coffee_or_me

    Can we have a time limit on all Classified, say a month, after which it will delete automatically. 

  • richard000

    the new site is very difficult to follow. the question and answer page is missing. the FORUM page has a limited topic. there are also lots of ads that destruct the viewer on which button to click. i hope you will fix it soon.

  • sanazia

    when i add classified adds that r not published also if there is written post is created i cannot see my post y is it? i like this site alot but now its looking so horrible

  • QL Team

    @sanazia - you need to post you ads on the site, and not direct people to your Facebook page. 

  • Alom moving


  • Alom moving


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