searching in classified



  • palanivelv

    yes i am also looking advanced search option which is help to find properties in area vise. 


    Please work on it and bring back that option....



  • Speedspoils

    Yes the same question....filter for classifieds was so bloody helpful...please work on makes life much much easier....going through all the classifieds is very tedious and consumes lots of time...thanks in advance....

  • rajaths

    till a couple of days back Qatar living was a total answer for lot of problems, now it has become a complete problem. My scroll button started abusing me for over usage while am in search for a room in Doha!!!

  • anis216
    Me too
  • ij

    i only see few options under 'items' classified. where can i find others?

  • WASEEM563



  • sanish abraham

    plz  i need old format , this is too bad

  • rioboocmacalisang

    me too agreed no data feeds found.old format is better than the current one.please revert back.

  • h.badwy



  • sabil

    yes it is taking lot of time .the old one is good

  • dkabeer2

    Range - Filter need to provide for classifieds page and the page number need to change in to horizontal pattern.

    Compelled to read all unnecessary classifieds.

  • Sanaforu

    I think the new site not much user friendly,old one was very familiar even below average computer literate peoples can use that old site, and as all the above fellows comments filtering is a key part, so kindly add flter keys, 

  • nabilabdulkader
    Always thing going a head Only qatar living went back
  • sanjeev shukla

    How to search jobs now? please help

  • Krisheewal Raj

    Can we get the search/advanced search button in the classified as the option provided earlier.. Now i cannot search for details, say accommodation, with specific input parameters (like accommodation for a particular area, no. of rooms, price range etc.)

  • a.mahmood

    The classified section is useless without search filters

  • altasgroupdoha



    October 13, 2013 14:22
  • altasgroupdoha


    PLEASE  BRING BACK  ADVANCE SEARCH  IN  ACCOMMODATION  ,,,SAME  BEThe classified section is useless without search filters


    its noticed in a single post there are numerous items  including home appliances / electrons / furniture , and usually people are not posting different adds,,, so why don't moderator provide some option in such a vary,,for famous appliances / items provide a check box while posting new add for sale ( example in a single post there shall be AC / fridge / bad / cycle , if he click  check box for fast moving items like AC/Fridge / Bad / general ,, it shall be easy for people to search directly from a micro search option for specific very fast moving product without wasting time by searching different adds  ,, what you say moderator ?? ( we do use such option in SAP,, and greatly help full in many ways  )  

  • cracydutch

    PLEASE give us the filter functions back on all classifieds,.. now its useless

  • rajacdr

    the old site wasbetter with that specific search option..  can we have it back?

  • Azizafzal77
    Mee tooo
  • jishad123

    How can i search a new job  oppertunity from Qatar liviung?



    the old site is better please bring back ....beat dont have advance search option ....

  • business965

    As all of us know well, the Qatar Living has helped the people of Qatar abundantly  to earn and enjoy their  life here in Qatar. This is only because of the special features of the Q.L website that any other website can't claim. We do understand the website is under a process of upgrading its functions and features to make more attractive than as it was before. But it is now more one month the process is not completed yet. If it continues unsolved it will effect both Q.L and us adversely. People will be forced to search for similar website and this will be good chance for other competing websites to get popularity with a short period of time. As a trusted member of Q.L for more than 2.5 years, I do recommend you to solve the issues at the earliest. If you need any suggestion and advise from my side, I am very happy to serve you at any time.


    Dear  business965,, well said " People will be forced to search for similar website and this will be good chance for other competing websites to get popularity with a short period of time " there are already 3-4 Google groups and some other web sites,, one of the Google group having now more then 14000- Doha members, i am one of them,, earlier i use to log on QL almost daily bases,, but now,, it annoying i,, hardly log in ,, loss total interest in QL..reason the Google  group are  best to resale some thing... and having people trend and ideas as well,,every thing very quick upload / delete / what ever you want,,, and the very important thing your add never gets lost with time ( witch QL dont have,once your add lost in after 2-3 pages u needs again re-generate it) ,,in Google group its remain activate from every comments and things goes on,,,all this features and benefits QL don't have,, and this will defiantly effect  QL market share.

  • jazmine05

    Why I cannot post Al Nasr in the LOCATION area in posting an add in classified in properties....

  • mackieair

    this is totally wasting my time searching for classifieds...bring the old set up..

  • ashantie

    Its really not good its better the old set up its takes a more time

  • khan426

    Need to add one more search option in Property classifieds, which is "Bachelors" or Families, as if someone wants bachelor accommodation, it will be much easier to search rather than calling everyone wasting his and the others time. Hope Qatarliving Team will look at this important factor.

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