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  • QL Team

    Normally the "information" is a circle with an "i" in it. But you are right, it's very similar to "!".

    What do you think about a warning triangle like this: 005.png

    Or a stop/warning sign like this: 006.png

  • QL Team

    For consistency all our icons are from the following icon set that has a free/open license: http://www.icojam.com/blog/?p=550

    So we should really take an icon from that set. The two above that I suggested are from that set. We'll of course adjust the size and colors according to our site's design.

    So based on these conditions, what do you think? The triangle with an exclamation mark is similar to what you suggested...

  • zaheer_sayyed

    Triangle would be better ..as triangle is also used in windows for warning

  • QL Team

    Ok, triangle it is!

  • osamabawab

    yes I agree triangle icon is suitable specially if it is yellow or red color

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