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  • t_coffee_or_me

    Cannot log in 

  • Khaled Nabil AK

    This is really useful site beter you go back to the old site i can't log in and i can't put my ads idon't know how to use this very bad site


  • Jaleel K. Ali

    hiii new Qatar living using very difficult . old one is very gud... 


    you are really made this site of Qatar living complicated  and bad .we cant access or put an adv. we cant verify our account and you are sending codes not matched to our account ,so pls back to old one better.n i hate this new site wasting my time for nothing and you cant solve our problem.

  • zakzak28

    the old site is better...go back 


  • pekkattils

    This is now very difficult to use, cannot advertise 2nd add, post new add is missing. frequently getting error, no going back to initial screen etc

  • Nelmar
    Very complicate your website now.... I can't find clearly also to log in.
  • Murillo

    Site is really useful but beter you go back to the old site i can't log in and i can't put my ads idon't know how to use this very bad site!!  previous is very easy to use compare recent version...


  • Quality Dude

    I am having the same problems mentioned in the comments above. I cannot even log out. Your old site was better. This is inconvenient. I see as per the dates this has been going on since October but the problems persist. Are the administrators doing something about it or should we leave Qatar living? Or please tell me how to handle the problems above. The page keeps saying "error on page".


    Please advise asap.

    Thank you

  • irfanahmed.aa

    Hi guys


  • irfanahmed.aa

    Old one is batter than new


  • imas.sami

    can anybody assist me for receiveing verification code by SMS. its shows sent but not receiving. its urgent thanks!!

  • Prince692006

    Good Morning Qatar Living Team,

    your new website is NOT functioning..! Password is NOT being sent after your request through the site, which enables users to enter the site. Please inform us!

  • moh_yag

    the new web is very complix the old is easier and better

  • tootifroti

    where is the logout link? i cannot see it in the new design.

  • tootifroti

    Also, from this page I cannot go back to Main qatarliving.com site?


    The right side on this page I found logout link but it is not working. I am not able to logout from anywhere of your site. please advice.

  • haryono

    The same problem with others QL users: Log Out link does not appear. Pls advice.

  • levi11
    I can't log in help me please thank a lot admin. .
  • Nishavinod

    Cannot log out


  • mrahiman

    cant logout

  • siraj2014

    please help me...I cant log in qatarliving.if I login through mail I cant change my password...

  • uniquekathir

    cannot login


  • mostafamarouf

    every time i log in telling me this tel number for some body else please help me 

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