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Feature: User verifiction workflow




  • osamabawab

    the scenario of "Adding or changing phone number for my account" is not working, when i am going to edit my profile i am getting this msg :

    Access denied (403)

    Sorry, you don't have access to this page! :(
  • erbhi418

    Scenario: Posting ad with anonymous new account

    - After I finished my ad, the next page indicates the following:

      a. (with exclamation mark) It is required to log in with your account in order to have your content published

      b. (with check mark) Classified 3D Modelling has been created

    - The next page after I made the dummy ad goes directly to LOG-IN (Username & Password) page and not the "registration form" page.

    - I have to click "Create New Account" tab in order to create new account

  • QL Team

    We'll look into your feedback and notify you when we have a fix for your problems.


  • Lemuel_09

    Scenario: Posting ad with authenticated account with phone number

    Given I'm logged in with an unverified account
    And I have not entered a phone number in my account
    When I click on "Post an ad"
    And I choose a category
    And I submit the form
    Then I should get an SMS with a verification code 
    And I should be redirected to the verification form


    Okay this is a bug i think, after i post an ad, it  ask me to verify my account then i type all the details needed, especially my phone number, i submitted the form but didn't received a sms :D 

  • mmibrahimd

    Dear QL Team,


    Please note that i didn't recvd the verification code in my mob. no. what shall i do??

  • Goodwork

    Dear QL Team,
    Please note that i didn't recvd the verification code in my mob. no. what shall i do??

  • mom007

    I have already account in qatar living and also  placed a mobilenumbe for placing an add,but when i go to "post an add" page and click on any of the adds,nothing is happening,why,please quided?



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