Feature: Requesting new password



  • pykester

    tried and not working. it says access denied

  • pykester

    i can see the change password page. but when i put the new password on top of the page it says access denied

  • QL Team

    Thanks for the feedback! We've added this to our to-do list to fix!

  • MissDarkness

    The initial password given was 'Your password' when newly registered. Logged in with the link given and tried to change that password with new password, submitted but it still says that the old password must be keyed in to change to new password. Let's say I forgot my old password, so HOW can I change it to new password now when it keeps asking for old password? Defeats the purpose eh?

  • kawkabgarage

    am seek and tried please let me know how to reset my new password with out current password

  • myaseenm


    Still the above problem exist, i am not able to reset my password. tried 2, 3 times. one time link is provided, when submitting new password, its asks for the current password. what is the solution???  Please help us

  • sreelatha bhaskar

    In the new password setting link it also asking again current password how can i give as i requesting for new .  if i know the current password why shoudld i request for new.


  • neosofts

    i have the same issue.

  • Santa Fe Relocation

    AGAIN: In case of password forgotten, and new password needed, how can i enter current password? Does the link you sent me contain it?

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